Supply Chains – Analysis from input suppliers through to end markets

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Supply Chains – Analysis from input suppliers through to end markets

20 July 2020

Dr Peggy Schrobback is a resource and environmental economist at the School of Business and Law at the Central Queensland University (CQU). She has expertise in the area of aquaculture and fisheries economicsShe has also work on projects that focus on land and coastal management, such as water allocations for irrigated agriculture in the Murray-Darling Basins and the sustainability of freight ports. Dr Schrobback was awarded a Teaching Excellence Award by the UQ School of Economics in 2016 and 2017 and is a Director of the Australasian Agriculture and Resource Economics Society (AARES).


Associate Professor Delwar Akbar (CQUniversity)

A/Professor Delwar Akbar's research during the last decade has focused predominantly on rural and regional economics, value chain analysis, property and health economics, economic impact assessment and regional development. A/Professor Akbar is experienced in integrated economic models with supply chain, health services and regional planning models. At RECoE within the value chain discipline, Delwar has been developing and testing collaborative business models that could boaster rural economic dynamics and international trade.