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Policy development for regional Queensland

Emerging rural and regional policy considerations for Queensland: an overview paper

Download the RECoE policy overview paper by Hurriyet Babacan and Allan Dale, James Cook University.

Published May 2019.

Author contact:  hurriyet.babacan@jcu.edu.au  


Paper abstract:

Rural economic development is a complex process and the breadth of issues confronting policy makers, both contextual and conceptual, need consideration. This paper provides an initial exploratory analysis and overview of key issues in economic policy making of relevance to rural and regional areas, highlighting the key issues that have emerged from scholars and practitioners.  The purpose of the paper is to present the landscape of factors and issues relevant to policy making  and to enable effective conceptualization of rural/regional economic policy development within a larger contextual framework.  This exploratory paper will unpack key issues influencing rural/regional governance, policy formulation, adoption and implementation.



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‘We’ll all be rooned’, but ‘it’s a great place to live’: Negotiating contradictory narratives of rurality for more effective policy-making

Professor Geoff Cockfield, Resilient Regions Week public lecture October 2, 2019

Institute for Resilient Regions (IRR) & Rural Economies Centre of Excellence (RECoE)


Presentation Overview

  1. Approach and context
  2. Reflecting on Australian rurality
  3. The challenges for rural development practitioners and advocates
  4. Narratives for policy action
  5. Some approaches to contemporary rural development policy