How can you better lead your community through the trial of drought?

Future Drought Fund

Drought Resilient Leaders Program


Drive positive change in your community. Join a network of forward-thinkers and work with others to shape a resilient rural community.

The Drought Resilience Leaders Development Program will challenge you to develop the skills, networks, knowledge and mindset you need to lead your community into a resilient future.

Funded under the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund.

Delivered in three sessions over six to eight weeks, you will begin by exploring concepts of adaptive leadership, change theory, self-awareness, personal and community resilience. From there, your group will move on to discuss climate science, problem-solving and creativity. And finally, scenario planning, influence and network leadership.


Understand your community and region at a deeper level.


Build leadership skills and networks.


Learn how to embed and apply resilience thinking.


Join the national network of Australian Rural Leadership Foundation alumni.


Gather, collaborate and learn with others.


Go back to your community equipped to grow its capacity to adapt to challenges like drought and changing climate.

On completion of the program, you can support resilience action in your community through Community Extension Grants. If successful, you will receive a $4,000 grant for community projects that focus on at least one of these outcomes:

  • Building long-term drought resilience and enhanced public good in agriculture dependent communities.
  • Benefitting a large number of people from a diverse range of social groups.
  • Encouraging inclusion and participation of under-represented or marginalised groups.

All applications must demonstrate co-contributions, either in-kind or from other funding sources, and broad community support.