Drought Innovation Hubs

Future Drought Fund

Drought Innovation Hubs: Tropical North Queensland (TNQ)

Building Drought Resilience

Drought has significant impact on the wellbeing of people and communities across Tropical North Queensland.

Drought affects all industries but particularly Tropical North Queensland agriculture industries including sugar, beef, dairy, vegetable, citrus and tropical fruit.

The Australian Government will contribute $8 million over 4 years through the Future Drought Fund. Hub partners will provide co-contributions of $18.5 million over 4 years.

Through the hub, farmers, Indigenous landholders, communities, researchers and business will come together to co-design approaches and solutions for drought resilience in Tropical North Queensland.

The hub will also input into building critical skills as a key input in building resilience to drought and leveraging new tools, approaches and technology.




Tropical North Queensland Hub Contact: Rachel Hay
Knowledge Broker
0402 289 724