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Agriculture and Tourism - regional economic contributions and links: A case study of the wine and tourism industries in the Granite Belt region

This project had three principal aims. The main aim was to provide a better understanding of the potential for regional industry diversification by taking a close look at economic and other links between two rural/regional industries, in this case agriculture and tourism. To this end a case study of Queensland’s Granite Belt (GB) region wine and tourism industries was selected as this is a relatively mature example of an agritourism setting. Secondly the project aimed to develop and pilot a data collection methodology for wine producers, that would provide sufficient data for this study but also provide a format for future data collection and analysis on an ongoing basis, not only for wine producers but also adaptable to use for other small regional agricultural industries, particularly those with tourism links. Thirdly, the project aimed to provide a better understanding of regional tourism attraction clusters by exploring the interactions between wine, national park, and other attractions in providing a ‘critical mass’ of attractions for tourists.

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