RECoE Director - Ben Lyons

In 2016 Regional Queensland contributed $101 billion to gross state product.

Brisbane, and other areas in South East Queensland, contributed $155 billion and $50 billion respectively. How do we grow that $101 billion contribution?

Research Director - Hurriyet Babacan


Research Director: Prof Hurriyet Babacan

Rural and regional communities face significant challenges in a context of global disruption, structural economic shifts, technological challenges, environmental challenges, demographic and workforce change.  Many economies and communities are in transition. There are opportunities and risks to attaining the long term aspirations and achieving sustainable social, economic and environmental goals for regional and rural communities.

Research, new thinking, building capacity and innovation is critical for the vibrancy and resilience of regional communities in the face of complexity and ambiguity.   My role as research director is to lead RECoE research strategy and quality assurance at RECoE to ensure effectiveness and applied benefit for industry, government and communities.   Our approach of “engaged scholarship” espouses research designs and solutions that are relevant to the needs of rural and regional communities, makes a difference, and has an impact through knowledge transfer and engagement.

Professor Hurriyet Babacan

Research Director, RECoE

The Cairns Institute, James Cook University, Cairns